PML-Q leader and former chief minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi condemned the killing of Punjab Home Minister Col (r) Shuja Khanzada and many others in a suicidal attack carried out when he was conducting an open court in his outhouse in Attock on Sunday.

Talking to the media after sympathising with the sexual abuse victims and their families in Hussain Khanwala, Kasur, he said that the government that was unable to protect even its minister could not protect the life and property of the public.

Condemning the sexual abuse of children and their filming in Hussain Khanwala, Kasur, he said that the incidents were inhuman. He said that the children’s sexual abuse, their filming and then blackmailing of the victims and their parents is a heinous crime. He demanded that the accused should be tried in the military courts.

He criticised Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for not visiting the victims of Hussain Khanwala to heal their wounds, and termed him an expert of making dramas. He also flayed Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanullah for terming the abuse scandal a land issue. He said that the issue was not of land but of conscience.

He termed the formation of the Joint Investigation Team in present of various cases against the victims and their supporters was insignificant, and demanded cancellation of the cases against them. He assured the sexual abuse victims of his party’s full financial, legal and moral support. If the victims and their families protest and lay siege to the Punjab Assembly, the PML-Q will join them and support them in this regard.

Meanwhile, the local people chanted slogans in favour of the Nawa-i-Waqt Media Group for highlighting the issue. Also the PML-Q leaders paid tribute to Majid Nizami (late) over his services for the nation and the journalism. The former said that the latter had always supported the truth during his life.

On the occasion, he also condoled the death of General (r) Hamid Gul who died of brain haemorrhage a day earlier.

Abuse victim families dissatisfied with police role


The Punjab Human Rights Movement on Sunday said that residents of Hussain Khanwala in general and the abuse victim families in particular are not satisfied with the ongoing investigation and role of the police.

Talking to the media, PHRM Provincial Chairman Maj (r) Habib Khan Meo regretted that the police threatened the abuse-affected families and intimidated their women in a bid to suppress their voice. “Instead of raiding house of the abusers, the police are raiding the affectees’ house on the pretext that they had participated in the protest against the scandal,” Mr Meo claimed.

He shared concerns of the victim families that the police had received ‘Rs5 to 6 million as bribe’ and the accused are ‘ready’ to pay them more to keep the police on their side.

PHRM Provincial Chairman Maj (r) Habib Khan Meo along with Vice Chairman Advocate Khalid Chaudhry, Deputy Convener Azam A Sheikh and Advocate Babar Chaudhry visited Hussain Khanwala to observe proceedings of the joint investigation team and seek views of the victim families.

They also recorded their statements to the investigators.

Ch Khalid voiced his apprehensions about the JIT investigation, fearing that it would come up with a report like the one had given in the Model Town incident.

Azam A Sh said that the movement is observing the investigation keenly, warning that if the police attempted to side with the accused or harass the victims, the lawyers would start protest a country-wide protest.

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He stressed that the Punjab and federal government should enact stringent laws on child abuse to deal the perpetrators and their facilitators with sternly.

On the occasion, members of abuse-affected families and locals chanted slogans against A Division Police SHO Malik Tariq and CIA Inspector Mian Farid. They alleged that local MPA had paid Rs5 million to both the officers as bribe to favour the accused of abuse scandal. They expressed their surprise over keeping the abuse scandal accused at the B Division police station, though the case has been registered by the Ganda Singhwala. “Both the police officer have been facilitating the accused and providing them all sort of ‘luxuries’ in sheer violation of the law,” they alleged. They also alleged that the SHOs of both A Division and B Division along with CIA inspector have become a ‘mafia’ and have been patronising criminals. They demanded their immediate transfer.