islamabad - The Pakistan Red Crescent Disaster Response has held a fleet march in the capital.

The purpose of the fleet march was to create awareness among public about the PRCS activities especially during any emergency. The Society has the state-of-the-art ambulance and disaster response fleet of international standards and a blood bank that works round the week to respond to any mishap.

“We are mobilizing individuals, communities, youth, involving organizations like press club, chamber of commerce and industries and law enforcement agencies to promote health education and awareness,” said Dr Saeed Elahi, the PRCS Chairman.

He said that the PRCS focuses on successful infusion of spirit of selfless service to needy people without discrimination of class, colour and creed through youth volunteers and youth at PRCS enhances the ability to deliver its service to vulnerable.

He said that Red Crescent has started Emergency Ambulance Service, Ambulance Service College and establishment of Disaster Management University that will help the country in Disaster Risk Reduction.

He urged the volunteers to contribute to make the country an abode of peace, tranquillity and harmony for the people to live together.

PRC Secretary General Dr Rizwan Naseer on the occasion said that building capacities of youth can be helpful for the Society in the long run as they remain part of the volunteer corps for a longer period of time and, therefore, could own their work, contributions and future. The emphasis is on strengthening communities through recruitment of volunteers, their training and retention.