Cement export continues to

disappoint in July

Lahore (Staff Reporter): The cement export continued to disappoint in July 2015 as export from north zone was 274,000 tons while export from south zone was just 192,000 tons. In July 2014 the cement exports from North were 295,000 Tons and from South were 208,000 Tons. While exports to Afghanistan declined to 178,000 Tons during July 15 compared to 184,000 Tons during July, 2014 and major decline was observed in exports to India that showed substantial reduction to 43,000 tons during July, 2015 against 63,000 Tons during same month last year i.e. downfall of around 32%. Spokesman said that exports declined mainly because of non-tariff barriers erected by the Indian authorities and influx of Iranian cement in Afghanistan.

He said the government policy on exports needs revamping to boost exports. He said smuggling of cement through porous Pak-Iran border possess a continuous threat for the cement industry.

He emphasized that the Industry is facing tremendous problems due to high power tariffs, axle load restrictions; power outages etc and expects effective steps from government for reducing the cost of operations in order to make the product competitive and to increase its existence in global markets.

China becomes world’s largest

robots market

ISLAMABAD (APP): China became the world’s largest consumer market of robots for the second consecutive year. The sales of robots in China increased by 54.6 percent in 2014 to around 57,000 units, accounting for 25 percent of global total, Xinhua reported. Data shows that nearly 17,000 units were made in China with a value approaching 3 billion yuan (about 474 million U.S. dollars),or an increase of 60 percent from 2013. CRIA predicted that the total number of robots used in China’s manufacturing industry in 2015 will keep growing rapidly. Under the national plan “Made in China 2025”, designed to make China a world manufacturing power, robot industry has become one of the hottest.

Country on way of economic


Lahore (Staff Reporter): The PML-N Traders Wing general secretary Shahid Nazir has said that protests and strikes would cause undue damage to the economic activities and hit the government efforts aimed at progress and prosperity of the country. He said that government would have to solve the issue through negotiation to deter the traders from more strikes. He said that the country is well on the way of economic revival and not in a position to afford strikes of the traders who are backbone of the economy. He said that results of forceful implementation of any law are always bad therefore government should take business community on board and find out a solution acceptable for all stakeholders.

He though expansion of tax net is need of the hour but government would have to bring the untaxed sectors into the tax net. He said that measures like imposition of withholding tax on bank transactions would not be doing any service to the economy as businessmen have already started to withdraw their capital from the banks and using parallel resources. 

Cotton crop in Punjab under

insects attack

FAISALABAD (APP): The cotton crop in Punjab is under insects attack espcially whitefly due to recent monsoon rains. Cotton experts told APP here on Sunday that heavy rains in Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Multan, Vehari, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffar Garh, Khanewal and other areas have caused insects attack including whitefly, Lashkari Sunndi and Chust Tela on cotton crop. The experts said that increase in moisture and humidity was also a major reason of insect breading. However, appropriate and in-time measures, can save cotton crop from insect attacks. They said, this year, cotton had been cultivated over 5,695,276 acres of land in Punjab and a yield of 10.5 million bales was expected.

Exporters attend 75 exhibitions abroad in two years

ISLAMABAD (APP): Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has ensured participation of Pakistani exporters in 75 exhibitions to boost exports during last two years. The Authority arranged 37 exhibitions in 2013-14 in coordination with relevant consulates and trade officers while number of such endeavours were 38 in 2014-15 across the globe, revealed Commerce Division on Sunday. As per details, it is working through Pakistani Embassies and Consulates in 37 countries engaging 55 trade officers. They are required to take steps towards improving Pakistan’s reputation as reliable trading partner and developing favorable commercial relations between trading enterprises in Pakistan and partner countries.

The trade officers are also ensuring that relevant government bodies and commercial organizations and the Pakistani export community have up-to-date knowledge of business conditions and export regimes and business opportunities in foreign markets, and arrange and facilitate B2B meeting for visiting Pakistani businessmen.