ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Under-13 football team coach Sunday appealed to the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) ministry to acknowledge their victory in the Asian Youth Football Fiesta and rewards the title winners.

U-13 football coach Asadullah said: Pakistan team clinched the final of the Football Fiesta held at Korea from August 7 to 10 and beat Mongolia by 3-0 in the final. "Pakistan team played a total of 4 matches in the event and beat 1 team of Korea while went in a draw with their other team, beat 1 team of China and thrashed Mongolia in the final," he said.

He said none of the teams were able to score a goal against Pakistan in the event. "With this kind of outstanding performance the team and the officials definitely deserve a cash reward," he said.

"This way the players will get motivated and will perform well in the events to come as they will know that their work will be acknowledged," he said.

He said the team was sent by the PSB to participate in the event and players should be sent in these types of competitions to boost their confidence level.