LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has vowed to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the soil.

“I swear by the blood of Shuja Khanzada that I will turn Pakistan into a cradle of peace. I pledge that we will not rest till the eradication of terrorism from the country”, he said while presiding over cabinet’s condolence meeting today.

The chief minister declared, “we all will have to move forward in unison for the eradication of terrorism. I will be in the front line and lead you in fighting terrorists. I will lay down my life but will bring the terrorists to justice. I am the first target of terrorists and I don’t care for my life”.

He underlined that the sacrifice of Khanzada will not go in waste and the nation will always remember the bold scion and his mission will be taken forward at every cost. A Fateha was offered for the departed soul and rich homage was paid to the martyred home minister in the meeting.