SWAT - Residents of Swat protest against the absenteeism of their elected MNAs from the region and ignorance regarding development project in the valley.

Representatives of civil society, traders and locals alleged that not a single mega project has been launched, and MNAs have failed in bringing any visible change in Swat valley.

There are currently four MNAs from Swat district; PTI's candidates Murad Saeed was elected in NA-29, Saleem-ur-Rehman from NA-30 and Musarat Ahmed Zeb was elected on general seat while Ayesha Saeed was also elected on general seat on the Jamaat-e-Islami ticket.

"After being elected most of them remain away from Swat and are even not accessible to the electorates", members of civil society told The Nation.

Commenting over the disappearance of Swat's MNAs, Abdul Hadi - a resident of the area said, "I never seen my area MNA Murad Saeed visiting Swat for past two years."

"This indicates his committed for improving living standard of the people of his constituency", he added.

Hadi asks from Murad Saeed, "How many issues of Swat has he highlighted in the assembly."

Social activist of the area, Yasin Akbar said, "Just like Murad Saeed, Saleemur Rehman is also enjoying privileges and attractive packages from the national treasury while people are suffering due to poor health and lack of other basic facilities."

Another senior citizen of Swat, Jan Alam Khan Swati while commenting over the poor performance of MNA Murad Saeed, said, "We expected a lot from Murad, as he was young and energetic. We were also expecting that he will bring some mega development projects to save the citizens from the wrath of frequent floods, however, so far he has disappointed us."

Rafiullah Khan, a Lecturer said that MNA Saleem has been missing after winning the general elections.

Muhibullah, a resident of Upper Swat said, "It's very shameful for all because there are eight MPAs and four MNAs in district Swat but they have failed to bring any project in our area."

Wasim Haider, a social activist, said, "They cannot solves our problem as they are not even attending the assembly session."

Neelam Ibrar Chattan, a female social activist, was also disappointed from the performance of MNAs of Swat valley. She said that this is the change of PTI members, as they are not coming to their own constituency after becoming members of the assembly. The civil society including lawyers, journalists, doctors and elders of the valley have shown their resentment over the performance of MNAs of Swat valley.

The civil society and the people of Swat demanded from the PTI Chairman Imran and Secretary General Jahangir Tareen to announce mega projects for Swat and ensure elected representative's presence in the region.