In the troubled province of Balochistan, the coldblooded massacre of an estimate of at least 93 innocent souls,which included lawyers, journalists and civilians, left yet another murky day. A pre-planned suicide attack was orchestrated when a bunch of lawyers gathered at Civil Hospital to protest against the killing of their colleague, Bilal Anwar Kasi, a senior lawyer and the president of Balochistan Bar Association, who was gunned down earlier on the same day. Both the Taliban faction jammat-ul-Ahrar (JA) and the Islamic State (IS) have claimed the responsibility for the inhumanity that unfolded on August 8.

Soon after the attack, as has become the norm, the Chief Minister of Balochistan, Sana ullah Zehri spewed detrimental arguments blaming RAW for one of the most deadliest assaults on lawyers in Pakistan’s history. On the other hand, however, the globetrotting Gen. Raheel Sharif, was peddling to underline its link directly to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). These types of partial statements are meant to divert public opinion from the real issues. Which gives full impunity to Islamist terrorists and the actual perpetrators of this bloodbath.

This is not an unprecedented attack on lawyers. In the past we have witnessed the killing of senior lawyers including barrister Aman ullah Achkazai who was mercilessly murdered either by the terrorists or the state’s holy guardians.

It seems to me that they had planned to kill senior lawyers —premeditatedly in order to produce an atmosphere of fear and dread. They succeeded in luring them in one place and killed all the vocal and intrepid voices. Many fearlessly spoke about human rights and missing persons’ issue in Balochistan.

So now various questions that come to one’s mind are; was it an intelligence failure? Why did the security agencies fail to detect information about the long planned attack? What were our law-enforcement agencies doing before the attack? How and from where did the terrorists acquire the bomb?

These questions are obviously difficult to answer in this garrison state. But nevertheless it is very important to answer them.

Last week’s terror attack was largely an intelligence failure. The common man would dare not carry a weapon in the presence of the high level of security present in Quetta at the time. So how could a banned terrorist outfit carryout such a barbaric attack, which resulted in the decimation of around 93 innocent souls, and wounded more than 120 human beings?

Para-military forces besiege Quetta, the provincial capital of the beleaguered province of Balochistan. The entrance of the city is considerably blocked by FC forces. Someone coming from Chaman has to pass through Baleli Customs, where a massive Frontier Corps (FC) check post is stationed to check each and every vehicle that passes through Baleli to Quetta.

There are a lot of other Para-military check posts in the outer peripheries of provincial capital. Which are heavily guarded by security forces.

Let’s take a glance of the presence of FC in the city.

FC forces have a check post at Khola Patik.

Sariab road is guarded by them.

Samangli raod Khazai chwak is guarded by heavy security forces.

They have stationed their check post at Almo Chwak.

Manan Chwak, Bacha Khan Chwak and Mission Chwak are heavily under their control.

Mengal Chwak, Mano Jan road, Samangli road Board Office and Shabaz Townisa hub of FC check posts.

Alamdar road, Science College Chwak, Double road, Khandari Bazar and Prince Road are also a hub of FC forces.

Approximately, there are more than 120 Para-military check posts on the outskirts and inside Quetta city.

The city seems like a security state. Despite the presence of such heavy security the terrorist outfits carry out their heinous activities, moving freely with utter impunity on the streets of Quetta.

Despite such measures, intelligence and law enforcement agencies failed to detect any information about Monday’s suicide bombing. The terrorists killed and wiped out an entire generation of senior lawyers. So you can ponderabout how potent these state sponsored Islamist terrorists are. Without cover provided by their abettors, they would not be able do anything that disturbs law and order. We can see how could ruthlessly they butcher these important assets of Balochistan, particularly Pashtun and Baloch nation, under the patronage of internal forces.

Those who despite knowing everything link Quetta’s carnage to CPEC are doing sheer injustice to the victims and their bereaved families.

Honestly speaking, it was a meticulously pre-planned assault against valiant and courageous lawyers, who fearlessly stood against repression, disappearances of activists and the kill and dump situation in marginalized Balochistan.

Our leadership has deceived the nation in the past and they continue betraying the people in the name of national security, economic and strategic interests.

There is no division between good and bad Taliban, as suggested by our holy guardians who have specifically drawn a line of dichotomy among the terrorists. Terrorists are terrorists, whether they are self-styled or state backed.

For us all Taliban are bad. We don’t need any kind of explanations about the differences among these terrorists because they are butchers and brutal animals, whose hands are tainted with the bloods of innocent civilians.

The loss of an entire generation of lawyers is irreparable.  It takes decades to recover and produce such intelligent and brave lawyers. Our sympathies are with those departed souls and their grief-stricken families.