Islamabad - Traditional folk band ‘Khumariyaan’ rocked at open Air Theatre of Lok Virsa. The four-member band showcased their magic with instruments like guitar, Rubab and the native Pushto instrument called the Zeer Baghali.

They commenced the show with their famous track Bela, the track almost everyone has been listening to online and wondering how they have perfected the instrumental style.

Khumariyaan made people clap, swing, sing along and even made some audience members get up and dance.  They sounded phenomenal as their music sounded enthralling.

The band comprises of Farhan Ali Bogra on the Rabab, Sparlay Rawail on lead guitars, Aamer Shafiq on rhythm guitars, Hammad Baig on the keyboard and backing vocals and Shiraz Khan on percussions.

Bogra, however, has a deeper sentimental value attached to the Rabab. When his friend protested for days, the father bought him a guitar because it’s stereotyped as a ‘classy instrument’.  This episode impacted Bogra’s life and inspired him to pick up the Rabab and promote it through his band’s philosophy.

The band well-received live performance on ‘Sheenai’, ‘Qataghani’, ‘Bela’, ‘Tamasha’ and ‘Sakal’. They ended the show with their most famous track, Tamasha and naturally the crowd went crazy; they danced and they hooted and they went into a trance. Basically, they did exactly 

The band members believe, “If we manage to make the audience forget their worries for a few minutes the point of forming Khumariyaan would be fulfilled.” The band seems extremely gung-ho about their aim which to a third person seems slightly incredible amidst the political and social turmoil.

A large number of people from various walks of life attended the ceremony and enjoyed thrilling performances presented by young artists.

our staff reporter