ISLAMABAD - Countrywide anti-polio drive to immunize around 40 million children commenced on Monday with the coordinated efforts of members the parliament and union councils to engage the population at grass roots level. Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on NHS Dr. Zafar Mirza on the start of the campaign said that a comprehensive and solid policy has been devised for the elimination of the polio virus.  He said that Parliamentarians and union council representatives are fully participating in the campaign to engage maximum population to immunize their children.   A statement issued here by the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) said that over the coming days, over 260,000 frontline polio workers will go door-to-door to ensure approximately 39.5 million children under the age of five receive the polio vaccine. The campaign was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday during which he symbolically vaccinated the first child of the campaign. Dr Zafar said that the vaccine is completely safe, and it is essential to immunize children to keep them protected against polio. For the complete eradication of polio, it is of utmost importance that all children up to the age of five are administered with the polio drops. Parents should fulfil their responsibility in this regard.  Coordinator NEOC Dr. Rana Muhammad Safdar said that all arrangements have been completed so that all children can be immunized across the country and stakeholders have been fully engaged to ensure that the campaign is successful.