ISLAMABAD - The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has proposed an increase of Rs1.7397 per unit for Ex-Wapda DISCOs under the fuel price adjustment for the month of October, 2019.

According to the petition, submitted by CPPA with the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), the total amount of energy generated in October was 9572.06 GWh at the total cost of Rs48.013 billion, which is Rs5.016 per unit.

The net electricity transmitted to power distribution companies in October was 9296.60 GWh at the cost of Rs51.11 billion or 5.498 per unit. Out of total electricity generation, losses stood at 2.88 percent.

Since the actual cost of generation was Rs5.498 per unit in the period under review against reference price of Rs3.7579 per unit, therefore it has requested an increase of Rs1.7397 per unit.

According to the data provided to NEPRA, the share of hydropower generation in October was 2438.80 GWh or 25.48 percent. The share of hydropower decreased from 5052.84 GWhs or 37.09 percent in September.

As per the data, 2356 Gwhs or 24.62 percent electricity was generated from coal at Rs5.8508 per unit.

In September 2232.44 GWh or 16.39 percent of electricity was generated from coal at the cost of Rs5.3770 per unit.

The power generation from Furnace Oil was reduced considerably as only 19.26 GWhs or 0.20 percent electricity was generated from RFO at the cost of Rs13.4435 per unit.

In September around 817.24 GWh or 6 percent electricity was generated from the Furnace Oil. In October, no electricity was generated from the High Speed Diesel.

In October, the energy generated from RLNG decreased to 2432.73 GWh from 2868.46 GWh in September.

However, the percentage of power generated from RLNG in the total energy mix increased from 21.06 percent in September to 25.41 percent in October.

The cost of RLNG-based electricity in October was Rs9.8837 per unit. In September the cost was Rs11.1186 per unit.

The total generation from local gas-based electricity was 1164.94 GWhs or 12.17 percent at the cost of Rs7.2271 per unit.

The generation from nuclear was 883.23 GWh or 9.23 percent of the total power generation at the cost of Rs1.0134 per unit.

From Iran, 43.05 GWh or 0.45 percent electricity was imported at the cost of Rs11.5709 per unit. From Wind and Solar 153.05 GWh and 61.58 GWh electricity was generated, respectively.

From mixed sources, 13.07 GWh or 1.60 percent of electricity was generated at the cost of Rs6.8202 per unit.

NEPRA will hold public hearing on CPPA petition on December 26.