GN LOS ANGELES - Drew Barrymore’s ‘’dream’’ is for her daughters to take over her beauty empire Flower Beauty.

The 41-year-old actress - who launched her cosmetics company in 2012 - is inspired by By Terry founder, Terry de Gunzburg, and would love nothing more than for her children Olive, four, and two-year-old Frankie to take over her business when they grow up. Speaking in a video with about the company’s future plans, she said: ‘’I am going to pick a f By Terry lip, she is a major inspiration/girl crush for me. Her daughters run her company and it’s my dream that if Flower Beauty continues that one day my daughters will want to work on it, because they are upstairs putting make-up on as we speak. They live for make-up.’’ However, the California-born star’s busy work schedule doesn’t leave her with ‘’any time’’ to look at her make-up when it is complete, although she does make sure she makes time to ‘’always’’ clean her hands before she applies her cosmetic products. She explained: ‘’I always want to start with clean hands, no matter what. ‘’I usually don’t have any time to look at my make-up. I’m going to start my regime with our Skincognito our stick foundation. I love the Skincognito stick for that.

‘’I always just put a little bit of lipstick on my cheek so that they’re sort of a correlation of colour.

‘’Take a little bit of moisturiser, I just put it on my fingers, and then it does something that even a highlighter can’t do. It’s beyond a make-up glow, it just makes your skin look really fresh.’’

 And the ‘Never been Kissed’ star has become more aware of the products she uses and ensures they contain an SPF in them because she has realised she has melasma and ‘’crazy pigment stuff’’ as she has got older.

She said: ‘’I am going to actually use this powder, its Colour Science, and it has a really nice SPF in it, because as you get older you realise you have melasma and you have babies and you get this crazy pigment stuff. I put the powder on last after everything because I find that once you put powder on you might actually see some discrepancy of brown or red or purple that sticks out and you know you can do a little dab of extra coverage, and it sorts of sets it.’’