LOS ANGELES (CM): Gigi Hadid has to calm herself down with breathing exercises before each fashion show, or channel an ‘’energy’’ the designer wants her to convey on the runway. The 21-year-old model - who is currently the face of Tommy Hilfiger and has recently released her second collection under the brand - has admitted she has to psych herself up before she graces the catwalk for designer labels by thinking of ‘’energy’’, the music, or just taking a moment to relax. Speaking about her preparation prior to stepping foot on the catwalk in a video with Elle UK Online, the blonde beauty said: ‘’Before I walk, I usually think of what the designer wants from me, whether that’s an energy or getting into the music or calming myself down with breathing.’’ And the fashion muse - who has starred in campaigns for luxury fashion houses including Max Mara, Chanel and Fendi - has to urge herself to ‘’focus’’ on her task for the working day and ‘’block out’’ everything else happening around her or in her life. She explained: ‘’I have to focus on what my job is that day.  ‘’You have to go to work ready to block out everything that’s outside of your working environment. So to be able to change channel in your mind and to be able to separate your thoughts and kind of just focus on what you’re doing at the moment.’’

However, Gigi - who is currently dating ‘Pillowtalk’ hitmaker Zayn Malik - has claimed people ‘’assume’’ she doesn’t have any ‘’human qualities’’ because she is a model and her career is centred around her appearance.

She explained: ‘’Because my job is based on the way I look, people assume that that means you don’t have human qualities in you ... so I hope that everyone can see that’s the point of all this.

‘’It doesn’t matter. We’re not perfect.’’