Kandhkot - The issue of price control has always been neglected in Pakistan, especially in Sindh, since there is no proper mechanism for price regulation and control.

As a result consumers are compelled to purchase daily food items such as fruits, vegetables, mutton, beef, chicken and fish at higher rates.

It is, in fact, the duty of district governments, especially of deputy commissioners, additional deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and market committee inspectors to issue price lists to the distributors, wholesalers, and especially retailers on daily basis and check whether the price lists have been displayed or hidden while selling items at the given rates.

Sorrowfully, there is no check and balance on routine days, except the holy month of Ramadan.

It has been observed mostly in interior Sindh that due to no check by market committees, there is no display of any price list.

It always remains hidden under cash counters, and at the time of a raid or visit from a concerned official, the shopkeepers immediately display the list and then again hide it.

There is also no any consumer protection mechanism which may help minimize the price hike.

Even there is no food regularity authority to check the quality of food items, which may harm the public health.

When this scribe talked to market committee office-bearers, they told that they had always bound every retailer and seller to display the price lists.

“We issue price lists on daily basis, but the retailers don't display these deliberately,” they informed.

It is worth mentioning here that people are also unaware of those departments who are responsible to check market prices.

Reports appear frequently that unhygienic, stale and dead meat is sold which is harmful for the people.



Zaheer Hussain