ASTORE - Gilgit-Baltistan Minister for Tourism Fida Khan Fida on Sunday said women of the women proved their ability in ev­ery field of life, including politics or administrative posts.

He said the govern­ment had started many developmental pro­grammes for empower­ment of women of this deprived area and estab­lished training centres and women skill devel­opment centres

Addressing a gathering of party women, he said hundreds of women of Gilgit-Baltistan received training from these cen­tres who are now con­tributing in the economic support of their families.


Astore Deputy Direc­tor Education Nakibullah Khan has said the depart­ment is working day and night to ensure quality education in the district.

“We are running over 50 primary, middle and high level schools in Dis­trict Astore and the pro­gress of these schools is continuously monitored by our department,” he said, adding that they had strictly directed the heads of the concerned schools to maintain standard of education.

“The deputy director continued the schools and colleges were cur­rently closed in the area due to the winter vaca­tion, so the facilities and demands of the institu­tions had been checked to ensure a conducive at­mosphere to students,” he made these remarks while talking to media person.

During a visit to these schools, the official said progress of these schools was satisfactorily, and the provision of facilities would be checked and re­solved soon.