We had some rain last week, but not enough. Not as much as we were promised, and though the people at the Met Office are supposed to be strict scientists, who only tell it like it is, or rather will be, they too are (I suppose) influenced by the wishes of the people, in this case for more rain, and thus their predictions remain as fallible now, in the computerised age, as before weather projections. Well, whatever the Met Office might have said or the people wanted, even if we didnt get as much rain as we wanted, the province still got a new Governor. Admittedly, the new Governor came in under something of a cloud, as his predecessor in office had been murdered by one of his own guards. It is to be presumed that the present holder of the office will look askance at the security the Elite Force provides, and will also not be a very vigorous campaigner on the blasphemy laws issue. That must have been the first issue on the Presidents mind when making the appointment. And he made the appointment, though the Constitution now provides for the PM to make a binding recommendation. But what happens when the PM only moves if the President first tells him to. So its a reasonably safe assumption that the President has told the PM what advice he would like to receive first. But apart from being the first Governor to take oath because his predecessor was murdered, this must also be the first Governor whose oath was delayed because the parents of a Supreme Court judge had been murdered. And the new Governor was sensitive to that, being a former Attorney General and a renowned criminal lawyer, to boot. Perhaps it was appropriate in a strange, perverted way, that making a noted criminal lawyer Governor should be surrounded by such a miasma of crime, murder to be precise. While it is bad enough that a provincial governor and a Supreme Court judges parents should be murdered, it should be noted that the Supreme Court judges parents were also a retired DIG and his wife. That should tell us that society is on the brink of collapse. You have policemen committing murders, and you have retired policemen being murdered. Isnt there some hidden irony there somewhere? I mean, the murderous policeman,oh all right, the killer cop, is probably being interrogated. And the ex-DIGs son is sitting in judgement on human rights abuses. But perhaps the real thing to be noticed in this appointment is that this Governor has the noblest forehead since Governor Ghulam Jilani Khan. And here it should be noted, that just as men perspire, but ladies only glow, men do not go bald, no matter that they have to bear male-pattern baldness from the age of about 18, they have noble foreheads. Just look at 19th century literature. All of those heroes who have noble foreheads are just plain bald, because all of those foreheads start at the back of the head. And all of those ancestors used to be baldsorry, have very nobleforeheads under those huge puggrees of theirs. So when this Governor phoned Mian Nawaz Sharif, he probably didnt just tell him that he was a different, kinder, gentler Governor, he also wanted to ask him where he had got his hair transplant. I remember Mian Nawaz as Chief Minister in his first term, before he became PM, even the first time, before he had a transplant. I think hes much improved. And Governor Khosa could profit from not just his example, but that of Mian Shahbaz. I know the late Governor Taseer also didnt have much hair, but the nobility of Governor Khosas forehead is outstanding. Its a little surprising when you notice that President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani have normal foreheads. Indeed, the Presidents forehead is well under control, so much that one suspects a transplant. But if there is one, its so good that it cant be spotted. It has been noticed that the present Governor is the second Khosa to occupy the office. Yes, the second khosa, but the first who is not the tumandar of his tribe, which Zulfiqar Khosa, the previous Khosa Governor, back in the 20th century, is. But Latif Khosa has a relationship to the tumandari, because his father held it for some years, not on his own behalf, but on behalf of young Zulfiqar while he was a Ward of Court, and because he was a political tehsildar (Tehsildars are somewhat different in Dera Ghazi Khan Agency, which is a political agency tehsil, the only one in the province, with the rest of the district a Settled Area). Well, one result of having a Governor from Dera Ghazi Khan is that the impropriety of having your CM and Governor belong not just to the same half of the province, but to the same district, is over. Well, Mian Shahbaz tried to sort out matters with the previous Governor by sitting for a Bhakkar seat, which is not only South Punjab, but also West Punjab. Oh no It seems that theres a geographical impropriety created with the present Governor, who belongs to a district just below it. Well, PM Gilani (who himself belongs to Multan in the South Punjab) should have thought of that. Mian Shahbaz cant be left scrambling for seats forever. Well, at least the Governor was given a copy of the oath he was to make. If, like Rehman Malik, he had been told to recite from the Holy Quran. One cant answer for the consequences. Of course, Rehman Malik cant fight the War on Terror singlehanded if he is to recite from the Holy Quran as well.