I would like to draw the attention of the government towards a very serious issue relating to the overabundanceof internet cafes in our society and the kind of immoral activities they promote. I am a resident of Jhanda Chechee Rawalpindi and in our area, internet cafes have mushroomed literally everywhere. Lamentably, they are operating even in streets close to schools and colleges. The atmosphere of internet cafe as we are well aware is such that it can easily pollute the minds of young generation. Recently, I was surprised to see the banner of internet cafe with words that printing, scanning and fax facilities are also available in this cafe. To my utter amazement, I found that there was neither printer nor any scanner. These internet cafes should not be allowed to corrupt the minds of our next generation which are the future of this country. I would like to request the government through your newspaper that a law should be made so that all internet cafes should be bound to make their cabins open and not closed as in this way the activities of the users could be viewed. Internet cafe owners should be bound not to open their centers near educational institutes. SULTAN SHAH NAWAZ, Islamabad, January 15.