WELLINGTON (Agencies) - Pakistan wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal had to borrow wicket-keeping gear from his New Zealand counterpart, Brendon McCullum, as he was called to join Pakistan's Test squad at the last minute. Sky Sports commentator Craig MaCMillan revealed on air that Adnan was rushed out of the country in such a hurry that he did not have enough time to pack all his equipment. He was asked to replace his brother Kamran, who was not sanctioned by the Pakistan Cricket Board to play on the New Zealand tour, the Daily Times reports. Following his brother's advice to speak to McCullum once he arrived in New Zealand, Adnan went to the player, who promptly lent him his equipment. McCullum's helping gesture was so greatly appreciated that Adnan gave him a bat out of gratitude. Unfortunately, McCullum cannot play with the gifted bat, as its brand conflicts with his sponsorship.