LAHORE Organised Crime CIA Police have successfully traced three cases of kidnapping for ransom including a high profile case of a 24-year-old UK national female, who along with her Pakistani husband went missing from January 10 this year. The CIA police have safely recovered kidnapped persons, sophisticated weapons and ransom-money from the possession of criminals. These views were expressed by Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Aslam Tareen while addressing a Press conference at his office on Sunday. The CCPO said a 25-year-old Awais Hadier Shah along with his UK national spouse Jamie Julius William, resident of 203/3-Karim Block, went missing from January 10 from Gulberg. He said Awais in connivance of his friends Salman and Adeel planned to mint money from his own father by staging a drama that the couple was kidnapped and demanded ransom amounted to Rs 5 million. According to Jamie, her husband convinced her that if she left the hotel located in Liberty Area, Taliban would close the chapter of her life. Interestingly, the accused Awais used the same method with his parents saying if they refused to pay ransom the abductors would sell them to Taliban. In a separate incident, according to the CCPO, a 15-year-old student Muddasar Mehmood was kidnapped from Ghalib Market on December 29 last year and three accused demanded Rs 1 million as ransom. The victim family also gave them Rs 0.1 million but the accused declined to give their child back and demanded the remaining amount. Later, CIA teams recovered Muddasar from Chechawatni and arrested accused Irfan, Abdur Rasheed and Shahbaz. During interrogations, the accused revealed they had kidnapped him in connivance with his classmate Shahbaz who had planned to visit recreational place from where they kidnapped him. Tareen said the CIA also recovered a retired bank officer Zaffar Frooq, who was also kidnapped for ransom amounting to Rs 10 million from Hanjerwal on September 6 last year.