KARACHI - The rising cases of violence against women and children are a stigma on the face of society and it is the need of the hour that civil society organisations must adopt a positive and pragmatic approach, and come forward with concrete measures to save women and children from violence. Sindh Minister for Human Rights, Nadia Gabol, observed this while reviewing the data of calls/complaints received at the Human Right Cell established at her office during the last year. According to the statistics, out of total 4,278 complaints, 208 incidents are of domestic violence while 11 acid-throwing, 36 burn cases, 52l rape/sexual assaults on women, 252 child abuses, 113 Karo Kari and 152 cases regarding protection of life against jirga verdict were reported. She said that women and children were vulnerable part of the society but they were the worst-hit victims of violence. All political, religious, social, human rights and other civil society organisations will have to revisit their commitments to serve the humanity and safeguard their rights, she emphasised. Ms. Nadia also regretted over the forced / bonded labour in the society and said that feudal, capitalist and Jagirdar mentality has further worsened the situation. She termed poverty, illiteracy and capitalist/feudal system as the major causes of forced/bonded labour. Until the literacy level is low, the people are destined to remain poor, and till the time the people continued to be exploited by the influential persons of the society, it is not possible to eliminate the forced labour, she underlined. She urged upon the government/law enforcement agencies, civil society members and media to play a crucial role in elimination of forced/bonded labour so as to ensure basic rights to everyone and to provide them an opportunity to participate actively in the development efforts of the nation and community.