AYESHA J SYED PAKISTAN celebrated its 64th independence day on August 14, 2010 .It was a dream of Muslims of the subcontinent to have a land where they could live independently according to the principals of Islam where rule of law and justice prevails. This dream turned into reality despite all the hurdles and impediments when it came into existence. Its all because of the efforts and enthusiasm of our forefathers that Pakistan survived in spite of its initial weak and inadequate resources. It would not be impropriate to say Pakistan was in the hands of great leaders and they were serving a great nation.They all were great because they did not think of themselves, their sacrifice was for the upcoming generation and that is for us. Now Pakistans future is lying in our hands. We need to stand united to make it strong, prosperous and sovereign state in a real sense. Its easy to point out fingers at others rather than coming forward with right solution. Issues like unemployment, electricity failure, inadequate water supply, sky high prices, terrorism and injustice are causing desperation and frustrating the nation and are posing severe threat to its sovereignty. To make Pakistan a better place for us and for our future generations we need to identify the problems to eradicate them before they exterminate Pakistan on the map of the world. The most important body to run any country is its governance .If it is incompetent, corrupt and dishonest then country will suffer and nation would have to bear the consequences. Therefore, their selection method is required to be modified .Only those individuals should be considered eligible to participate in election who have passed the written test based on international affairs, foreign policy, general knowledge and on issues like education, health, agriculture, self sufficiency, balance of payments, taxes, financial affairs, law and order, foreign relations based on mutual respect, integrity, defence, sovereignty and remedial measures. To get into any government or private institution like Army, NAB, lB, banks etc. educated youth has to pass lots of tests .Even if they wish to get admission in M.Phil they have to pass NTS test but for the appointment of Parliaments member no appropriate rule and regulation are set that could justify their appointment and post. Unjustified wages and protocols are given to the governmental officials. Luxurious cars should not be provided to them as they are just waste of national assets. It should be added in Pakistan ordinance that individual who has more than 20pc of property out of country is not eligible to participate in election. Government officials should not be allowed to move their assets out of the country during their tenure of governance. No individual should be allowed to participate in election from his/her own district. To avoid unwanted situation like terrorism, election campaign should be done indoor like it happens in America. There should be no official building near residential areas and restaurants. Referendums should be conducted on complicated issues.lf this method was opted for making decision regarding the change of name of NWFP then it would have been easy for the nation to accept it. An autonomous body should be established to evaluate and analyze cost and rate of goods, equipments etc. that government is willing to purchase .It would be helpful in waning corruption. No purchase or purchase agreement should be done without its approval. Government should publish annual report on their achievements etc. Police department should be under the surveillance and command of judiciary. It would bring ease for police department to follow the order of judiciary otherwise; the police under the influence of high official would be reluctant to obey its order. 'Justice delayed is justice denied. Steps should be taken to ensure the timely justice. Time limitation has been defined previously to pass judgment on cases. But unfortunately, there is no check and balance on it. Even some judges dont pass judgment on custody cases and keep the issue unsolved for years. Those who are already a victim of some crime are bearing financial loss for fighting the case and they have to wait for years to get justice and some time they just drop cases because of frustration. Justice should be there for all rich and poor alike and money should not be a barrier in the way of justice . There should be a provision that victim or defendant could fight their cases themselves without involving any lawyer. This system is already prevailing in Saudi Arabia. Justice who fails to give judgment without valid reason should be charged with penalty and the income from the fine should be given to the sufferer. Pakistans economy is suffering extensively because of shortage of electricity and water issues. Electricity shortfalls and water issues can be resolved by constructing dams, through the use of uranium, and windmills as they are good source for generating electricity. Unfortunately, high level of resistance to construct dams is causing Pakistan to pay a big price. In recent floods billions of people have suffered and millions of people have died. In addition to this flood has damaged irrigational land and crops. If dams were constructed these damages would not have been so severe. Government should aware people regarding the need of construction of darns through TV campaign before having referendum on this issue. Media should play a vital role through talk shows on importance of dams, communicate concerns of those who are against them. It would let the people be better judge to assess its pros and cons. It is the governments responsibility to ensure that justice is done and no province is deprived of its right. In Pakistan, kidnapping of children is done extensively either to smuggle them out of country or to make them beggars. Roads and streets are full of beggars now a days and it not possible to identify whether their disability is a result of actual accident or there is a brutality behind it. To save more children from being victimized, government should take responsibility of food and shelter of the disabled. Beggars should be wiped out of the country. In maternity hospitals of Pakistan adequate security measures have not been taken for the security of the newborn. Cameras should be installed in tile entire maternity centre. Alcohol, cigarettes and addictive drugs should not be accessible to the children below 20 years of age. To get such drug there should be provision to show identity card to ensure children under the age of 20 dont get it. This law is prevailing in America. These addictive drugs are injurious to health and unfortunately cant be prohibited in a day or two as most of the population of Pakistan is addicted to such drugs. Our youth is our future and we should not let them waste their lives through drugs. To get Pakistan out of this situation proper measures are needed to be taken without any further delay. It is the responsibility of critics to show a true picture of current situation so that authorities can make efforts in the right direction. I have played my role as a critic by projecting the issues and suggestions and now I would wait to see how my efforts are being responded by others.