LAHORE Government will construct seven out of 10 park and ride plazas in the City on public-private partnership basis while for the construction of remaining three parking plazas, government will spend over Rs 1.35 billion, TheNation has learnt here. It is also learnt that Tepa sent a summary to Punjab CM after completing the survey of sites, identifying sites and preparing feasibility report and design of the proposed plazas because government want to start construction of four park and ride plazas including three parking plazas at the sites identified by Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (Tepa) in Anarkali and Barkat Market on war-footing basis and within a month. In this regard Israr Syed, director Tepa, informed this scribe that Tepa has identified as many as 23 sites for park and ride plazas in the City while government wants to construct 10 parking plazas immediately out of which construction work on four parking plazas would be initiated soon. He said that estimated Rs 450 million would be spent on each park and ride plaza while designs of these commercial cum parking plazas would be made according to international standard. He said that government was determined to resolve the issue of rapidly increasing parking problems in the City, because parking lots, established on the roadsides not only were insufficient but also causing traffic jams. Syed said that besides the construction of such four plazas government wanted to commence construction work on the other plazas as soon as possible but unfortunately due to shortage of funds government decided to construct most of these parking plazas with public-private partnership. He said that government also wanted to start work on the three park and ride plazas at Anarkali Bazar out of these parking lots two plazas including Muslim Delhi Motel and Medicolegal would be constructed under the govt-public partnership basis.