Women have long suffered the discriminatory behaviour in the male dominant world and are still facing the vindictiveness and malice by the male members of the society. A report by United Nations Population Fund suggests that world-wide, hundreds of women are annually slaughtered for the sake of honor killing and the accused, in most cases, go unpunished. Particularly in Pakistan, various tribes, clans or families find it incumbent upon them to kill or punish any person of their family who brings dishonor to them or does not follow their norms and traditions. Newspapers of past few days have reported three cases of killings in the name of honour. Ironically, the protectors of 'honor do not feel ashamed when they brutally murder their female counterparts for property and in some ruthless cases, for dowry and shower their 'honor with shameless allegations. Alarmingly, according to a survey report conducted by Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation, almost 8,548 cases of violence against women occurred in Pakistan during in 2009. Perhaps, presence of Women Protection Bill also failed to safeguard the women who tend to speak for their rights. Traditions like karo-kari and wani are centuries old, however, the essence of these traditions is exploited for vicious interests of todays society. It is, indeed time, we addressed such social evils through revised role of law enforcing agencies. However, like thousands of other cases, these recent cases of honor-killing (reported on December 14 and 27th December in Southern Punjab) will also be buried in the dust of time but the ugly mark they have had on our social history can never be washed away. SYED AALY RAZA RIZVI, Islamabad, January 15.