LAHORE Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) of Air Blue in its custody and a well reputed investigator Capt Mujahid has arrived Lahore for further investigation into the incident wherein a man managed to hide in the aircraft of Airblue illegally at Allama Iqbla International Airport and then died of falling from the height soon after the plane took off, a few days back. A senior CAA officer said, we had also asked local police to get NADRAs help to trace the whereabouts of the deceased person as there was such system with NADRA to identify the person who was registered with NADRA through his different body parts. Sources said local aviation experts would help Capt Mujahid in investigation and today (Monday) the team would visit the site to collect evidences. Most of the aviation experts were of the view that if the deceased man entered the airport and died it was totally security failure and CAA should fix the responsibility after investigations. A flight engineer said there was enough space in the landing gear area where a man can easily sit though could not survive because he would be frozen to death when plane fly at the height of 30,000 feet. He also termed the incident a security breach and said there was not any security system working at airport where the data of passengers could be maintained. He said Apron of the airport was a sensitive area where ASF should maintain the record of the employees who entered and then exited. Has this system in place at the AIIAP the man could have been traced within no time, he said. Two such men were caught by the agencies other than ASF roaming at apron of the airport in two different incidents during last six months who had managed to reach apron by dodging ASF officials, an officer serving at AIIAP said.