An Iranian military official said that Iran has shot down the U.S., UK and Israeli drones in Persian Gulf several times during the past seven years, Fars news agency reported on Monday. The unidentified high ranking military official confirmed that the drones have been targeted out of Iran's aerial space and Iran is vigilant about the violation of its space. "They (the drones) will be targeted upon violating Iran's space, " the official was quoted as saying. Earlier this month, an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) commander told Fars that Iran had shot down many western drones, two of them in the Persian Gulf. Aerospace Commander of the IRGC Amir Ali Hadgizadeh told Fars that "they (western drones) have entered our territory a number of times and we have, so far, shot down many of the advanced spy drones." "We have shot down two of their drones in the Persian Gulf," the commander was quoted by Fars as saying. Iran has said that it might display the planes claimed to be shot down in the future.