The Jamaat-e-Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said, the Karachi operation was only a farce and it would worsen the situation instead of making any improvement. The current Karachi situation is the outcome of the mutual confrontation of the three ruling parties in Sindh and the complete failure of the government, he said, while addressing a press conference at Mansoora on Monday at the conclusion of the 3-day meeting of the JI Central Shoora. He said the Federal Interior Minister was talking of the involvement of a third force but why had he shut his eyes to the statements of the Sindh Home Minister and provincial minister Agha Siraj Durrani who had pronounced the MQM as culprit. Criticizing the countrys foreign policy for protecting the US interests, he stressed that the army should give a warning to shoot down the drones or allow the Tribal people to protect themselves. He also called for strengthening friendship with China in order to lessen US influence in the region. In this respect, he said, Chinas offer for economic cooperation in different fields especially peaceful nuclear technology, should be accepted without delay and work on these be started immediately. He also appreciated Chinas clear stance on the Kashmir issue. Syed Munawar Hasan reiterated his view that the Sindh situation would not have deteriorated to such an extent if the PPP had formed government in the province single-handedly as no party in the opposition could have dared to play the horrible game of bloodletting. He said all the three parties in the Sindh ruling appliance were responsible for the target killings in the province.