LONDON (Reuters) - Former president Pervez Musharraf said on Sunday that Pakistans blasphemy laws could not be changed, but that the man who killed Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer over his opposition to them must be punished. He also said he believed a road map for peace in Kashmir that he agreed with India in 2007 could be revived. We were in the process of drafting an agreement, obviously there were differences on the wording and the expressions ... He said it was hard to tell if they were within six months of a deal, but we were making fast progress, that I know. Musharraf, who is planning to return to Pakistan to fight elections due by 2013, also said he was open to any coalition partners who wanted to join him, and described the MQM as a good party with whom he had no differences of opinion. He said blasphemy was an extremely sensitive issue for the people of Pakistan. Therefore doing away with the blasphemy law is not at all possible and must not be done, he told Reuters. Musharraf said that, rather than amending the laws, Pakistan needed to find ways to make sure they were not misused. He also condemned the killing and said it was wrong for anyone to take the law into his own hands.