The Provincial interior minister Zulfiqar Mirza has announced a host of directives for police, which include, ban on wall chalking, pillion riding, display of weapons, aerial firings, etc. The directives issued for the safety of lives and property of citizens, and checking the skyrocketing wave of lawlessness, are in conjunction with section 144, while ban on pillion riding for seven days has been officially notified. However women, children below 12, journalists, and law enforcement elements have been absolved of the law. Strict impartial action has been ordered against all elements bent on lawlessness, while taking severe notice of media reports regarding restriction of diesel oil for police mobiles, the Provincial Home minister has ordered immediate explanation of the issue from CCPO Karachi, and has also ordered immediate investigation over the issue, ordering strict action over any irregularity exposed during these investigations. Special strategy for effective patrolling and checking procedures and ensuring uninterrupted supply of diesel have also been announced.