LAHORE - The former Advisor to PIA and PML-N leader Nadir Chaudhry has termed the recent PIA-Turkish airlines MoU a significant step towards PIAs recovery and the best way to compete with Gulf carriers like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar. Talking to reporters on Sunday, Nadir Ch said it was important to understand the arrangement before criticising it and that should be evaluated in purely business terms rather than in an emotional or nostalgic manner. He said it was the need of the hour for PIA to cut costs and wind up operations that did not amount to profit and concentrate on its core operations that were profitable. He said it was no secret that PIAs US operation had been a loss making undertaking since long but with the Turkish arrangement PIA would earn revenue without incurring cost and its passengers to US would have a vast choice of destinations and timings that were not available on PIA at present. Nadir Chaudhry, who was also PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharifs spokesman in London, said Turkey was a brotherly Muslim country and its present government had proven to be a friend of Pakistan and this relationship between the two flag carriers would further strengthen and cement this friendship. He said the negative reaction of PIA employees to the proposed arrangement was due to lack of understanding of the issue and it would be helpful if the management was to launch an awareness programme in this regard for the airlines employees as well as the general public.