Chairman of the Ansar Burney Trust International and former Federal Minister for human rights, Ansar Burney has said that hundreds of Punjabi speaking families, Muslims from Shia sect and more than hundred Hindu families of Baluchistan province are making efforts to migrate to some safe place in other provinces after becoming the target of extremist and fundamentalist groups who kidnap them for ransom or brutally murdering them. In a statement, Burney said thousands of Punjabi and Shia sect families have already been left Baluchistan after being targeted, brutally murdered or kidnapped for ransom. "They can not go out for their jobs or bussiness or their children can not go out for education even they can not travell with their family members and are living worst like in jail." Ansar Burney added. These startling revelations were made by International Ambassador for Peace and human rights, Ansar Burney while talking to media in Quetta. During his stay in Balochistan, Ansar Burney who is also the United Nations Expert Advisor on Human Rights had visited several Baloch dominated districts including and territories inhabited by Marri and Bugti tribes where Punjabi speaking, Shia sect Muslims and Hindus have been living for centuries - following the kidnapping of Maharaj Lakhim Chand Garji (85) by extremist and fundamentalist groups from Kali Mata Mandir in Qalat on December 21. Criticizing the Baluchistan provincial government he said, "Government has failed to protect the lives and properties of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and different sects of Muslims including Punjabi speaking community as the incidents of kidnapping for ransom have become common. Several people have been kidnapped for ransom and government has not been able to trace or recover them. In many cases family of victims had paid huge ransom for their release." He urged upon the Federal as well as Baluchistan government to take stern action against the fundamentalists and extremist elements those involved in kidnapping and killing of innocent Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan and harassing them in the name of blasphemy act.