ISLAMABAD (APP) - Environmental pollution has been increased to alarming levels in the federal capital, which is also adversely affecting the adjoining areas of the city. Citizens have said the concerned authorities should evolve a strategy for the protection of trees, land and water ponds. During a survey conducted by this news agency citizens highlighted that the, cutting off trees, improper garbage disposal, bad sewerage system, constructions of roads are the main factors, causing environmental pollution. According to this news agencys survey, there is no proper system of solid waste treatment and uncovered drains run through the city, which cause it to smell bad, and also overflow during rains. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has identified 75 places where people throw their garbage, but there are countless other such informal dumps in the city. Multiple development projects, the widening of roads and construction of underpasses are carried out at the cost of trees and these results in the concentration of harmful gases in the air. A Citizen, Seeman ALi told this news agency that more roads and more driving lanes may help alleviate the traffic problems in the capital city but this only promotes more air pollution problems. Therefore, an effective air management plan will also necessitate the introduction of an environment-friendly public transport system to reduce the number of cars on the road, and thus reduce air pollution from direct car emissions and fugitive dust emission from cars travelling on unpaved and paved roads. According to CDA spokesman Ramzan CDA planted more than 1.5 million trees in the city since last 2 years. CDA is planning and doing serious efforts to eliminate the pollution from the city by making good sewerage system and other necessary things, he added.