Jamhuri Watan Party Central Vice President Sultan Badshah has termed the release of party provincial president Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti and his 26 companions as victory of truth. In his statement, Sultan Badshah noted that the government had arrested Shahzain in an illegal arms case to prevent him from marching towards Dera Bugti. The JWP believes in Pakistani courts but it does not trust in the government, he underlined. The JWP Vice President said that the release of Shahzain on bail from Balochistan High Court as positive step and hoped that he would acquit from false case of arms. Former dictator Pervez Musharraf had displaced million of people during military operation in Dera Bugti who were spending miserable life in various parts of the country, he noted. Sultan Badshah pointed out that Shahzain had announced march on March 28 to repatriate these displaced people of Bugti tribe in their native area, Dera Bugti. The government arrested him in the illegal arms case to prevent him from march. He went on to say that the present rulers have failed to provide relief to the masses, adding that the people have no trust in them. He congratulated Shahzain over his release from Balochistan High Court.