SIALKOT Through export, Sialkot-based small and medium industries were earning foreign exchange amounting over $ 1 billion yearly and strengthening the national exchequer. Sialkot is an important economic centre and totally export-oriented city of the country Their business acumen, the local exporters have excelled in foreign trade but they have paid special attention to fulfilling their social responsibility. Exceptional achievements in business, the corporate sector is fully vigilant to its responsibilities towards social sector and has played significant role in this regard on self-help basis which has become now the culture of Sialkot. Sialkot-made footballs, field hockey sticks, cricket gear and boxing gloves were used in international games including the Olympics and World Cups. It may be mentioned that surgical and sports goods industries are the oldest industries which were playing tremendous role not only in strengthening the national economy but also in providing employment opportunities to hundreds. Most of the developed countries were importing surgical instruments from Sialkot and everyday, hundreds of surgeries were performed around the world by surgeons using the instruments made in Sialkot. Thus, Sialkot-made instruments were playing a silent but significant role in healing of wounds and fighting disease worldwide. There is great need of a Separate Business Strategy for Sialkot keeping in view its unique export culture and craftsmanship enabling it play significant role in earning maximum foreign exchange for the country. Despite several internal problems like power crisis and law and order situation, the local exporters and manufacturers were fulfilling their international commitments to keep the national economic wheel in full motion and compete global market. President SCCI Ghulam Mustafa Choudary, while expressing his viewpoint about the industrial needs for bringing radical change in industrial sector of the city, underscored the need of formulation of a separate business plan for Sialkot for enhancing the productivity and bringing innovation in products to cope with the challenges of international market. The SCCI president further said the industrial technology has improved the production line worldwide but due to lack of funds and govt support our industrial sector was lagging behind and without the support and cooperation of the government the tracking of the local industrial sector on modern lines is impossible. The timely support of the governmentt will not only help in modernization of local industrial sector but it will also help in enhancing the export volume, he said. Ghulam Mustafa further said that it was our national duty that we should think positively and play our role in bringing out the country from economic crisis and work together for economic uplift of the country.