LAHORE - Chairperson Foundation for Rehabilitation & Education of Special Children (Fresh), Ashba Kamran has stressed the parents and teachers to help Fresh in identifying slow learners for their proper education and training. To learn, she said, a child must tolerate frustration, as some subjects are hard to understand and cannot be mastered without proper guidance. In addition, a child must pay attention to learn, as intelligence is not enough. Ashba also said that elementary schooling requires a good deal of boring repetition, practice, and drill. A child who cannot force himself to complete tedious, disagreeable school tasks will have trouble in mastering reading, spelling, and arithmetic, she stressed. She mentioned that the slow learner child is highly likely to fall behind and become an underachiever and later will become more frustrated due to the criticism from teachers, parents, and fellow students. His parents will nag him for not doing his homework. He may be placed in a catch-up class or a special learning disability class. He will regard himself as stupid and may be taunted as a retard by other children. She said the Fresh was working exclusively on educating and training such slow learners to transform them into viable human resources for society.