Thehydra-headed monster of unemployment is hanging like a Sword of Damocles over Pakistan and its youth. Many brilliant and capable youngsters of the country have to roam around in search of a suitable job in consonance with their degrees. Their failure to get a satisfactory job causes frustration and disappointment among them. As a result the youth turn to anti-social activities. Lack of planning has been the root cause of unemployment in Pakistan. No government has ever seriously thought about eradicating this menace through a suitable planning approach after carrying out a detailed homework for ascertaining the magnitude of the problem. Technical education which plays an important role in controlling the problem of unemployment has been invariably ignored. It is a pity that nothing substantial has been done by any government to set up technical schools and colleges. At the same time, resources of the country have not beenfully utilizedto cope with the scourge. Worse still, right from the inception of the country, both federal and provincial governments have violated the principle of merit with impunity. Nepotism and favoritism are given precedence over merit. It is outrageous to see inefficient and unqualified persons being showered with lucrative jobs in many government departments on political grounds. Likewise, growing population of the country has been a great stumbling block in provision of jobs to all the aspiring youth of the country. The number of job seekers remains far greater than theavailable number of vacancies in virtually all the departments of the country. The pity is that our present education system believes in quantity rather than quality. Therefore, itbecomes all the more difficult for the government as well as the private sector to be able to provide jobs to such a huge army of passing out youths. Both local and foreign private investment is shrinking due to worsening law and order situation in the country and therefore, new industries are not being established. The need of the hour is to address the problemof unemployment on a war-footing. Otherwise, this cancerwill kill our innocent unemployed youth very soon. The sooner we tackle the problem of unemployment in an effective and thoughtful manner, the better it would be for the development of both the country andits youth. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, January 15.