LAHORE Tehreek Hurmat-e-Rasool (PBUH) on Sunday held a rally to condemn and protest Pope Benedicts anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan statement and a US priests declaration of putting the Holy Quran on trial. The rally started from Nasir Bagh and ended outside Punjab Assembly where the leadership of constituent parties of THR addressed the participants. A large number of people from various walks of life including activists of religious parties, lawyers, traders, students and civil society members participated in the rally. The participants were waving flags inscribed with Kalima Tayyaba. The participants were also carrying placards and banners inscribed with writings in favour of blasphemy law and condemnation of Pope Benedict and the US priest. Highly charged participants chanted slogans against Pope Benedict and the US priest. To avert any untoward incident, volunteers of Jamaat-ud-Dawa made a ring around the protesters while a heavy contingent of police accompanied the rally from Nasir Bagh to Faisal Chowk. Addressing the rally outside Punjab Assembly, Dawas political wing chief Prof Abdur Rehman Makki regretted that the US President, European parliament and the United Nations were silent on the controversial statements of Pope Benedict and priest Terry Jones. Besides criminal silence, they were lecturing the Muslims to be patients on the provoking. THR convener Maulana Amir Hamza lamented that those sending SMS humiliating the rulers were being punished by seven-year imprisonment while those committing blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were being pardoned. Threatening to punish by death the blasphemers, he said the time is over when the blasphemers would get visas of America and Europe as now they will be sent packing to the hell. He challenged the Pope and the priest to hold a mubahla (publicly swearing by each party along with ones family that God kill the family of the one who proves to be false) with him. Markazi Ahle Sunnat chief Allama Ahmed Ali Kasuri regretted that major political forces whether in power or sitting on opposition benches were keeping a 'criminal silence on the protection of the Prophets honour. He said 180 million Pakistanis would not allow the rulers to amend the blasphemy laws. Jamiat Ahle Hadith leader Syed Ziaullah Bukhari said the masses could endure poverty, price-hike and unemployment but would not compromise on the Prophets honour. Coordinator THR Qari Yaqoob Sheikh, Majlis Ahrars Qari Yousaf and others also addressed the participants of the rally.