The PML-Ns Chief Main Nawaz Sharif said we will not allow anyone to disturb countrys peace adding that we will not allow ambush of public mandate at any cost. He was addressing to a gathering in Badin after condoling with PML-Ns leader Ismail Rahu on the death of his father Fazil Rahu on Monday. He said all provinces and parts are our own and we wont let anyone to dismantle its peace. He told we know who are dismantling the peace of Karachi and who are involved in target killing. He said time has come to leave party politics and talk about Pakistan. Government must expose the faces of these culprits, said Nawaz Sharif adding that kidnapping for ransom is abutting the heights in rural Sindh. He said PML-N during its regime eliminated the rule of dacoity. He said Ismail Rahu always helped the farmers, distributed lands among them and now they are thriving as they own lands. He said Pakistan is not the property of several affluents, rather 1.7 million Pakistanis own it. Politics for someones own interests is sinful, but the politics PML-N practices is merely for the sake of deprived nation, Nawaz Sharif said. He told the gathering PML-N will complete its agenda after coming into power. While commenting on the voices of revolution, he said revolution of PML-N is the name of a journey towards prosperity and it is not the name of retrieving dead bodies in bags, rather it is the name of distributing books among children. It is not in our agenda to distribute rifles, he added. He further said no go area exists in Pakistan and people involved in Karachi killing should be held accountable. He reiterated the economic agenda given by us is the agenda of whole nation, which will lead poor segments of the nation towards prosperity and win their rights. Nawaz Sharif demanded from government to kick out the suspects involved in different scandals. He also demanded to bring the assassins of Benazir Bhutto in front of court.