ISLAMABAD - Former president Pervez Musharraf's counsel, Ahmad Raza Kasuri, Thursday lashed out at journalists, accused them of pursuing yellow journalism and threatened them that they needed to be fixed.

Talking to media persons after hearing of the treason case, Kasuri lost his temper over a question by a journalist how Commando Musharraf was feeling now and whether he was too scared to come to the court. Kasuri got furious and said, “You are defaming Pakistan’s commando general. You are being sold. You are a lifafa journalist; you should be ashamed of such questions. You seem to be an Indian journalist. We will have to take the sold journalist to task.”

Talking about his client’s condition, he said an American doctor of his client had warned Musharraf could have a sudden heart attack if he was not sent to the US for treatment. He added the report of the American doctor had been submitted to the court, seeking exemption for his client from today’s personal appearance.

He said the report asserts that Musharraf should be airlifted to the US for urgent treatment otherwise he could get a sudden heart attack.

The counsel for Musharraf said, “It is known to the court and the entire world that Pervez Musharraf is ill, he is not an ordinary man; the entire world knows him; he is ill and cannot appear in the court.”

Kasuri said the trial against Musharraf was politically motivated. “It is a cock and bull story,” he remarked. “The trial has been initiated by Nawaz Sharif because of the 1999 (coup) incident. He is taking personal revenge from Musharraf,” Kasuri alleged.

He claimed job of the prosecutor was to help the court, but in this case he was creating complications. He said his client would be freed soon as allegations against him were totally baseless.

Kasuri said the prosecutor wanted to declare Musharraf as a traitor and added, “If the chief of the brave army is a traitor, then the whole nation is traitor.”