Regional Police Officer Muhammad Ameen Veins has disclosed that lists of proclaimed offenders at union council level have been prepared and a crackdown will be launched against them very soon.

Addressing a meeting of police officers, he said that the policing plan had been implemented at union council level while criminal record office had also been upgraded. He added that the entire data of criminals including finger prints was available at this office and it would help investigators trace criminals.

He said that he had given a vision to the Multan police and now it was the responsibility of all officers and jawans to implement this vision. He said that the consultation with police officers was underway and the gap between police and people could be bridged by ensuring implementation of policing plan.

He directed all police officers of Multan division to submit the challans of under investigation cases in courts within 15 days, hurling a warning to them that any negligence in this regard would not be tolerated.

He added that many other criminals could be traced provided the proclaimed offenders were quizzed by the interrogators in scientific manner.

 He lauded the performance of police officers and said that the proclaimed offenders fled to other divisions due to the fear of Multan police.

 “But we’ll not let them flee,” he declared. He announced that all those police officers showing good performance would be given awards.