LONDON-A garden gnome, a chocolate royal coach and a falconry glove were among the gifts presented to Britain’s royal household last year, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Queen Elizabeth II was the lucky recipient of a gold jewelled photo frame set on a jewelled ostrich egg when Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, president of the United Arab Emirates, made a state visit last April, according to an official list released by officials at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

She also received four enamelled scarab beetles from the Bangladeshi high commissioner, as well as some more unusual gifts including chocolate models of Windsor Castle and the family’s Irish state coach.

On a more mundane note, she was given an oyster card — a form of electronic ticket used on London’s transport network — when she visited Baker Street underground station.

Prince Harry, the queen’s grandson, was the recipient of numerous baseball caps, polo shirts and T-shirts, and rather more surprisingly a falconry glove.

Princess Anne appeared to attract the oddest gifts, including a gnome, a plastic angel and a book entitled “Your Arms Remind Me of Pork Luncheon Meat.”

Gift givers are “discouraged from offering extravagant gifts” in the official guidelines.