ISLAMABAD - To mark one month of the killing of innocent students of the Army Public School Peshawar in a more appealing manner, the civil society and other segments of the society, including Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and PIMS paramedics took out replica of coffins of the victims of the tragedy here on Friday.

The message was clear to the enemies of the country that the nation would not bow to the terrorist acts rather the nation would reclaim the country by identifying the terrorists and their supporters. "We will continue to raise our voice against terrorists as we have no guns to fight them... it's time to wake up", the civil society leaders vowed as they addressed the protesters. 141 replica of coffins inscribed with slogan "Do not forget 141" were put in line at the Aabpara Chowk to invite attention of the authorities concerned so that they act against the terrorists and their supporters before it is too late.

The protesters holding placards in their hands condemned terrorism in any form. They also chanted slogans against Maulana Abdul Aziz. Some of the actors performed a drama to highlight the impact of terrorism on the society. The son and father of Shama, who was burnt alive along with her husband in Kot Radhakishn some months back, were also present on the occasion.

Jibran Nasir, a civil society activist was of the view that Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar was the main hurdle in arrest of the cleric. "Nisar is a friend of Abdul Aziz... he is afraid of Taliban that is why he is reluctant to take action against them," he said. He also criticised former president General Zia-ul-Haq for his policies and also condemned General Hameed Gul for his support for Taliban. He said Maulana Abdul Aziz is civilian face of Taliban. Bushra Arain, Chairperson All Pakistan LHWs, addressing the protesters said that 66 polio workers have so far been killed across the country in violent acts but the government did not take appropriate measures for their security.

Shan Taseer, son of former governor Punjab, was of the view that the people of the country were not ready to further accept this system of injustice. He questioned the government why it was not taking action against the terrorists. "What is the utility of National Action Plan if the govt could not arrest Maulana Abdul Aziz," he added.

Fatima, a leader from Hazara community was of the view that: "We are being particularly targeted by the terrorists. It has been 12 years when we started raising voice against this terrorism but no one paid heed to our apprehensions. Our concerns were ignored and now all the nation is facing the kind of terrorism we have been facing since long," she said.

Earlier, the leaders of the LHWs blamed the civil society activists of hijacking their protest and decided to stay away from them. "We are here to highlight our own issues... we have nothing to do with terrorism when our children are hungry. We are also facing but another kind of terrorism," said Balqees Alim and others when the civil society activists invited them to join their protest against terrorism and killings of innocent children in Peshawar one month back. However, after assurances that their issue would also be raised at the forum, the LHWs half-heartedly joined the proceedings. The LHWs said that they were not paid salaries since September last year. "We are paid meagre salary of Rs7,200. We are a soft target of the terrorists but no one raised voice for our protection and rights," said Bushra Arain, Chairperson All Pakistan LHWs as the protesters chanted slogans "Stop killing polio workers. They also chanted slogans against the prime minister for not paying them salaries for the last five months.

Joint Action Committee of PIMS employees also joined the protest. The employees chanted slogans against innocent killing of students and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits. Samar Minallah, Farzana Bari and other also attended the protest.