Islamabad - As many as 258 lady teachers of model colleges at last heard a good news that their nomenclature issue has been resolved. Prime Minister Secretariat gave the approval of their new nomenclature by changing it from Secondary School Teacher (SST) to Senior Teacher (ST). Due to previous nomenclature (SST), the lady teachers were stuck in blind alley for three long years.

They were remained in same grade with no further promotion, without house rental ceiling of the next grade and no other change in their pay.

Farzana Akram, Junior Lady Teacher of Central Academic Staff Association of Model colleges (CASA) said that the teachers had spent almost three years in the corridors of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), CADD, Finance Division and PM Secretariat to get this issue resolved. After the approval this new nomenclature, now the lady teachers will get time scale promotion in the next grades. Moreover, they will get the house rental ceiling of their new grades.

Explaining the issue, she said that the ex-premier Yousaf Raza Gillani had announced an incentive package for teachers on November 8, 2010, while addressing a large number of Islamabad teachers in convention centre. The then prime minister had clearly and categorically announced “one time promotion” to all the teachers of BPS-16 working under the umbrella of FDE in Islamabad across the board. Following his directive, all teachers of BPS-16 under FDE got ‘One time promotion’ but 258 lady teachers of model colleges were thrown into the web of complexities by promoting them in BPS-17 with ‘wrong nomenclature’ of SST.  “In fact, these lady teachers were not secondary school teachers rather they were teaching in junior sections of model colleges so their new nomenclature should have been Senior Teacher (ST) instead of SST.  

The nomenclature adopted without any ground work raised many objections by AGPR where title of the post was extremely important while fixing the pay and emoluments of the teachers. They were denied of all the benefits of the next grade; their further promotion was stopped, they were not given the house rental ceiling of the next grade and AGPR did not give any additional amount added in their pay after promotion,” she added.

Gulnaz Rahi, Vice President CASA said, “the tiring and continual efforts of lady teachers brought the fruit finally and now the deprived lady teachers will get their due right of one time promotion”.

The ex-president of Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) Professor Tahir Mahmood congratulated the teachers saying,

“The lady teachers of the model colleges are playing pivotal role in model setup. They provide base for the whole educational system by brushing up kids and setting their educational position for advance studies in the higher classes. But they are less rewarded in terms of promotion. One should acknowledge their services”.