Islamabad - The students of Roots Ivy International School and DHA-1 campus on Friday pledged to revenge the killing of Army Public School Peshawar students through pen as the day marked one month period of the tragedy in which the ‘enemies of humanity’ violently raided the school, and brutally killed innocent children.

“We will not let your blood go waste. We will take your revenge through pen,” vowed Maryam Imran, a student of Roots DHA-1 campus grade IG-1B as she remembered the ill-fated students.

The students of the school gathered in solemn unison in commemoration of ‘Black Day 16-12-2014’. The spirits were high as the students vowed to beat cowards and avenge the blood of the martyred not by violence but through the might of pen.

 The most tragic incident in the history of the country had stunned the whole nation but the students showed immense bravery by returning back to school with a solid conviction that they will not be intimidated by cowardly acts of terrorism.

The students recited dua for the martyred students of the Army Public School Peshawar, sang the National Anthem and displayed heartfelt notes of love and support for the victims’ families.

“May Allah grant these little angels the highest ranks in heaven and give their parents the strength to bear this irreparable loss,” the students prayed as they chanted Long Live Pakistan.

They also asked the terrorists to shun terrorism and seek wisdom for the nation’s better future.

CEO Khadija Mushtaq highly encouraged and appreciated the bravery and courage of the young children.