LAHORE - More than 2.3 million patients were treated in different departments of Lahore General Hospital during the last year, 0.45 million more than in 2017.  Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof Mohammad Tayyab said that the statics showed the trust of people on the institution. He appreciated healthcare providers and allied staff for handling such a huge number of patients in a calendar year. He vowed to take all measures for further improving the service delivery at the hospital.  Medical Superintendent Dr Mahmood Salah-ud-Din said that more than one lac major and minor operations were performed during the last year. During the period, he said, 135883 X-Rays, 83140 CT Scan, 107144 Ultrasound, 3897 Echocardiography, 2248 Fibro Scan, 898 Nureo angiography, 18016 dialysis, 5662 Gestroscopy, 83858 ECGs and 23192 MRIs were also performed. He said that 1457564 patients were treated at OPD and 867094 at Emergency. He said that more than 700 patients were being treated in evening outdoor shift on daily basis.