MIRPURKHAS            -          The price of flour has jumped to Rs65 per kilogramme in the city and its suburbs, causing resentment and unrest in the masses.

Flour chakki owners Liaqat Qureshi, Abdul Rasheed and others on Thursday blamed the food department for providing wheat bags at a very less subsidy for 15 days only, causing great difficulties to them.

They said they were compelled to buy costly wheat bags from local markets as a result after grinding they were selling flour at higher rates than the official rate. They said they feared all this was being done under a conspiracy.

They said the food department did not buy the wheat bags from the province as a result of which it had failed to give subsidy to the consumers on wheat bags as per requirements of flour chakis.

They said that mostly flour in the city was sold at flour chakis, while flour mills sold wheat bags at an open market in Karachi at subsidized rates.

Talking to this scribe, district food controller said that he would take action against those selling flour at higher rates. He said that subsidized wheat bags were being provided to the flour mills and chaki owners.