PESHAWAR (AFP/Reuters) More than 50 Pakistani soldiers went missing after an attack by Taliban militants on a checkpost in a northwest tribal area near the Afghan border, officials said Wednesday. Taliban rebels stormed Gwar Pari post in Mohmand tribal district on Monday and claimed that seven paramilitary soldiers were killed, a security official said. The post, located very close to the border, was manned by 65 soldiers and so far 11 have established contacts with us, he said, adding that the others remained unaccounted for. A Taliban spokesman said its fighters killed seven soldiers and captured 10. But the official refused to confirm the Taliban claims, saying that we have not seen the bodies. Afghan authorities said 10 Pakistani soldiers, one of them wounded, had entered Kunar province over the past few days. We handed them to the Pakistan consulate in Jalalabad, Afghan border police commander Mohammad Afzal said. It is very likely that some soldiers might have crossed into Afghanistan because the post is just at the border, a senior security official said. A local administration official said around 54 soldiers were believed to be missing. Of the 65 troops manning the post, 11 had returned and 54 were still missing the official speaking on condition of anonymity told AFP. Pakistan Army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas confirmed the Mondays attack and said 40 Frontier Corps troops were missing after the post on the border between the Mohmand and Bajaur agencies was overrun by Afghan Taliban. Militants handed over five troops to the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, but the whereabouts of the other 35 was unknown, he said. Monitoring Desk adds: Afghan Taliban said they have captured dozens of Pakistani soldiers after attacking their checkpoint in a cross-border raid, reported BBC on Wednesday. Taliban said they were holding up to 40 Pakistani troops after its raid in the Mohmand tribal area on Monday last. A Taliban spokesman told the BBC that they were, in fact, holding Pakistani troops on both sides of the border after Mondays attack. He said 30 soldiers were being held in Afghanistan and 10 in Pakistan. Taliban said they captured the soldiers after overrunning the checkpoint. Local officials in the Mohmand area confirmed to the BBC that about 40 soldiers were unaccounted for. Pakistani security sources said on Monday an undisclosed number of troops were missing.