ISLAMABAD The cooperation of Bench and Bar is inevitable for quick dispensation of justice, said the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while addressing the delegation of Gujranwala Tax Bar headed by its President Muhammad Saqib Sheikh and comprising other office bearers and members who called on his lordship on Wednesday in Supreme Court building, Islamabad. Praising the role of Gujranwala Tax Bar in lawyers movement, he said, I am glad to hear that Gujranwala Tax Bar is functional, disciplined and much active. He further added that, The said Bar struggled hard for the rule of law, supremacy of Constitution and independence of judiciary along with other Bars and sections of society and their contribution bore fruit in the shape of newly restored independent judiciary. His lordship further urged the lawyers to come up to the expectation of the public at large to provide justice to them because civil society have great expectations from legal fraternity and they are duty bound to leave no stone unturned to facilitate the litigants in the process of dispensation of justice. Talking about the National Judicial Policy, his lordship said, We have disposed of 3,093,658 cases from 01-06-2009 to 31-05-2010. We took the stock of situation in recent meeting of the NJPMC held at Quetta to bring more improvements and we extended the period of disposal of old cases to six months and divided the cases into three categories i.e. cases filed up to 2000 as oldest category, cases filed from 2001 to 2005 as older category and cases filed from 2006 to 2008 as old category. Encouraging the lawyers, his lordship said that they have got recognition across the word due to their commitment for rule of law and supremacy of Constitution and they are treated as civilized section of the society. The delegation appreciated the efforts on part of the Chief Justice of Pakistan for making the improvement in judiciary to provide quick and inexpensive justice at the doorstep of downtrodden section of society. They assured full cooperation of Bar in this respect. They further praised and supported National Judicial Policy that enabled Bench and Bar to dispense speedy justice and they extolled the disposal rate under the policy. They complimented his lordships commitment, dedication and selflessness for the cause of justice. They further prayed for long life of his lordship and presented books to his lordship as token of respect and love.