LAHORE - Pepco is saving 350 MW electricity per hour under the energy conservation plan with the closure of markets and shops at 8pm and it is magic of early closure of shops that electricity shortfall has come to zero point on Wednesday, sources in Pepco revealed. Besides the energy saving plan, the loadshedding schedule given to public on the directions of Lahore High Court, also proved a blessing in disguise for Pepco in handling the power crisis, officials said while talking to The Nation. The Pepco sources said the electricity generation on Wednesday was 13510 MW while its demand/consumption was also 13510 MW, and there was no shortfall of electricity in the pepco system, a phenomena that occurs rarely in our country. They said about 1050MW electricity is being saved from 8pm to 11pm under conservation policy, which is second 'support to Pepco after the rented power plants, which are adding 148MW to the power system. After the loadshedding schedule and conservation plan public complaints against Pepco and its distribution companies are subduing day-by-day, the officials said. They said in future energy saving plan may set a good example for the nation for saving resources in daily life by cutting the excessive usage of electricity. While, in a survey conducted by The Nation it transpired the traders community was divided over the governments decision of closing shops at 8pm because some traders had mentally accepted the decision while others were supporting the traders bodies regarding their demand to keep shops opened till 9pm. Talking to The Nation shopkeepers/traders of Anarkali and The Hall said the conservation plan may be saving electricity for the government and Wapda but it caused a loss to their business as they have to close their shops when it is peak time for sales. Interestingly, some of the traders opined that in a way the closure of markets and shops at 8pm was a good practice because now they reach home early and spend time with their children and manage to visit their relatives which they had never done in the past. They said now it had become their routine to close their shops early and they were feeling easy with their new practice. They protested against the fact that some big stores remain opened and do business taking benefit of being located on the roads away from known markets. Sohail Butt, a shopkeeper of Anarkali, said it was regretting when some shopkeepers are closing shops while others are making money by attracting a large number of customers taking benefit of the lack of monitoring by CDG officials in hidden areas like Iqbal Town, Gulberg and Model Town. About the controversy of closing shops at 8pm or 9pm, he said one hour did not make any difference provided it is implemented equally and everywhere in national interest. Hafiz Amin who runs a shop at The Hall said traders organisations were developing pressure on the government to extend one-hour time up to 9pm. He said majority of shopkeeper was happy with the decision of 8pm as now the shops were opened early to make up loss of business at night.