LAHORE-Following an outrageous fist-fight in Punjab Assembly involving two female legislator, President, All Pakistan Women Wing of the PPP, Faryal Talpur, who also happens to be sister of President Zardari, failed on Wednesday to get resignations from Fauzia Bahram and Sajida Mir, the two ladies who brought bad name to the party by picking up a fight just before start of partys parliamentary party meeting on Monday last. Faryal Talpur had convened an emergency meeting of partys female law makers from Punjab on Wednesday at Zardari House in Islamabad to discuss the issue and get first-hand knowledge of the shameful incident. The two quarrelling ladies were particularly asked to ensure their presence in the meeting, but Fauzia Bahram showed audacity and did not turn up on the call of her leader. Faryal took notice of Bahrams absence and asked her secretary to take explanation from her. Though Sajida Mir did attend the meeting, but reportedly she left in the middle, saying that she would not sit unless Fauzia is present. Sources privy to the development, however, told this scribe that Sajida left the meeting when she was asked to sign her resignation. It has been learnt that before start of the formal proceedings, Raja Riaz distributed a proforma of resignation among all female MPAs and asked them to sign it without giving any reason. All ladies, except Sajida, signed the document, because she suspected that it might be a ploy to seek resignation only from her. She left Zardari House under the pretext of bringing her National ID card from her car parked outside, but did not return afterwards. Party insiders informed that strict disciplinary action has been recommended against the two ladies for brawling in the assembly, as party Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari had the final authority to take a decision. Earlier, Senior Minister and head of PPPs parliamentary group in Punjab Assembly, Raja Riaz had submitted his report regarding the incident to Faryal Talpur for disciplinary action. The PPP female MPAs who were eye witness to the fight have reportedly told Faryal Talpur that though it was Fauzias mistake in the beginning, who ignited the scuffle by using derogatory words for Sajida, but the latter also deserved punishment for exacerbating the fight.