LAHORE-Just a few days after the budget announced under the loud slogan of poor friendly and poverty alleviating, the heart rending incident of a suicide by a rickshaw driver family to defeat the scourge of day in day out poverty, justly reveals the wide gulf between the haves and have-nots and also that how much cancerous the wound of poverty has become but the rulers are just looking at it superficially and wants it to be treated by an aspirin. The killing of innocent kids and their ill fated breadwinner, took place in Lahore to attract the media attention but what about the plight and wretchedness of those poor in the rural areas who die daily of privation and go unnoticed of the public eye. Suicide by the poor is not a new to our society but the point is, it has never been taken seriously by the people at the helms of the affairs to know their causes and find out a remedy. We are well familiar with the stories of those poor who lost life with kids under the train, strangulated or poisoned themselves, and of selling out of organs or kids or even leaving them in the hospitals or at the doorsteps of any welfare foundation. And the rulers only moved on their death to pay the victim family money and take care of their other needs and never minded to visit their areas and feel for their agonizing moments. This shows the rulers value the dead more than the living creatures but that too for the sake of vote and come to the power again. A question haunts where the elected members and their tall promises to the poor go after they get into the Parliament and begin to enjoy every perks and luxury at the government expenses. Another question when the poor are dying for bare food, the heavy spending running into crores of rupees on the rulers and the bureaucracy finds any justification. The simple fact is, those who never experienced poverty and are living luxurious life with servants and sycophants all around can hardly know what miseries people in the street are facing. And why they should? It is another pity that 95 per cent of our population silently dying of poverty but tell us how NGOs protested for them and went to them san their own interests. The 95pc has poverty and exploitation as a common problem, but the political and religio-political parties are keeping them divide not to let them join hand on a common platform on a common cause. The plight of the poor calls for immediate redress and not any long term planning and policies wrapped in labyrinth of official technicalities for the reason, stomach needs food alteast two times a day, the rigidity of heat and cold immediately hits the poor, and responsibilities to children grow every moment giving no relaxation to the parents. The people in power and position need to know how much a person become dangerous when death becomes only option for him. He may become fatal for others, if he would go to take revenge or vent his frustration on the same line suicide bombers are pursuing. The rulers must provide for the poor as poverty is also one of factors of crime in our society. The rulers attend to one aspects of poverty but it was expressing itself through various shades. The rulers must understand that the cost of life has brought the earlswhile middle class to the lower and the lower middle class below the poverty line and those who were below the poverty line are now forced to beg. and or if they feel shy of doing it to save their honour, they are prone to eliminate themselves. The most frustrating feature of the matter is the growing gap between the rich and the poor and if the society has to stay stable and progressive, this gap must be narrowed down. And for that the ruling elite must look at things objectively to sincerely find out a prompt solution and remedy.