ISLAMABAD - The members of the Parliament from opposition as well as MQM Wednesday continued their criticism over the budget, terming it as insufficient to facilitate the poor class of the country, while the issue of Kalabagh Dam also remained under the debate in the Lower House of the Parliament. The members of the Parliament expressed these views during the National Assembly session in connection with the federal Budget 2010 -11. Resuming the debate over Kalabagh Dam during the post-budgetary debate session of the National Assembly, PML-Q MNA Tahira Aurangzeb demanded of the treasury benches to construct the dams in order to overcome the prevailing power shortage across the country, saying that the construction of new dams was vital as the country was heading towards the major energy and mega food insecurity crises. She said, Those opposing the Kalabagh Dam today would also be among those facing the power crisis. Tahira Aurangzeb declared the construction of the Kalabagh Dam as imperative, adding that the name of the Kalabagh dam could be changed in case of any objections. Ramesh Lal, opposing the construction of the Kalabagh dam, said that it should not be constructed, as it had the opposition of three provinces of the country. He suggested the government to focus over other dams rather than wasting time over Kalabagh dam. Earlier, Imrana Saeed from Mutahida Qaumi Movement rejected the claims made by the treasury benches regarding the budget, saying that it would multiply the woes of the poor masses. She was of the opinion that instead of providing relief to the poor, the current budget followed by Value Added Tax (VAT) would contribute to making the lives of the common men more miserable. Imrana maintained that the government should focus on the rural population of the country that was direly looking for the consideration, while figuring out that the rustic people constituted 70 percent of the overall population. On the other hand, Dr Abdul Wahid Soomro over the issue felicitated the government for presenting friendly budget in the current circumstances. MNA Haji Akram Ansari from the opposition benches on his turn, strongly criticised the government for importing the raw cotton and said that the particular move introduced by the government had brought the textile industry on the verge of collapse. He mentioned that during the current tenure of PPP-led government, the textile industry was almost destroyed, following ill-planned policies of the government cupped with the prevailing power crises across the country. Sheikh Salahudin said,Imposition of VAT would prove a massive suicide attack on the 190m people of the country, Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik on a point of order vowed to send a legal notice worth Rs 5 billion to a major news group terming a specific news item as an attempt to stain his reputation. He mentioned that a fake and baseless news item was published in a newspaper in order to stain his character. He demanded to constitute a parliamentary committee to probe into the whole issue, saying if the allegations were proved true, he was ready to quit not only his office of federal minister but also his membership of the Senate. Malik said that he played a front man role in introducing the reconciliation between the Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto and would continue his tasks for the greater reconciliation across the country. He disclosed that he directed his partners to split the particular company, after his exclusion for the business activities.